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  Jewelry Care Information
Although our sterling silver pieces are waterproof, we do not recommend submerging your jewelry in water or silver cleaners. Treat your jewelry as an heirloom.
Our silver pieces are anti-tarnish treated, but as with any sterling silver item, tarnish can happen. The best way to keep your silver clean is to wear it. When not wearing it, store it in a Ziploc bag or jewelry box. Store in a cool dry place.

If you need to clean the jewelry, use a cotton polishing cloth and gently rub the area. Toothpaste can be used with the polishing cloth for stubborn tarnish. Do not use any abrasives or polish on the area where the picture is.
Our Portrait Tile Pendants are waterproof as well, and may be worn in the shower or bath. We do not recommend wearing them in a chlorinated pool, as this will affect the finish.

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Big Hearted Bracelet Unbroken Heart Bracelet    Heart Of Fire bracelet  Wrist CuffTreasured Moments 1  Treasured Moments 2  Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet


Simple Silver Charm-VerticleSimple Silver Charm-HorizontalHeartstrings CharmTile CharmTile CharmTile Charm

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