Before your session:

How should I prepare for my session? What should I wear? What should I bring?

This depends on the type of session you are doing:

In general wear solid colors that go well with your skin tone. If you do not know what works on you try visiting a stylist or makeup specialist. Mary Kay, Beauty Control, and Avon representatives can often help you with this for free. If you are coming with a friend or family make sure you coordinate and do not wear colors that clash. If you must wear a print make sure it is subtle and does not take attention away from your face.

Try to match your (or your children's) clothing with eye color. This helps bring out your eyes in the final image.

Women: do NOT wear any makeup that is glittery. These products will not look right in photos.

Make sure to bring anything that plays a major part in your life. Do you have a hobby? A best friend? A special pet? Feel free to bring them. If you plan to bring your pet please refer to the "pet session" section for more.

Outside: If your session is going to be in a park or other location where it may be difficult to change:

Wear layers so you can get several different looks. This may also include wearing one neutral undershirt with several options to go on top. Remember you always have unlimited poses and clothing changes. However, make sure that you will be comfortable, do not wear long sleeves in the middle of July, alternatively don't wear a tank top in December.

For newborn sessions: Before the shoot make sure that your newborn is clean, nails have been trimmed, and they have had a chance to eat. If you babywear make sure to wash your baby carrier if you want it in any shots.

Have any adults that are going to be in the photos with your newborn (mom, dad, etc) bring at least one black shirt. If the shirt is new make sure to wash it before the day of your session. The shirt may be long or short sleeved. Remember to have a manicure for those close up shots (you too gentlemen ;) ).

For sessions with pets: Before the shoot make sure your pet has been recently groomed so they can look their best. You can bathe and brush them yourself or you can take them to a groomer. If they wear a collar or leash make sure it is as clean as possible. If they have nails be sure to trim their nails so they do not tear or put holes in your nice clothes. If you bring a pet also bring a leash, friend, or cage to keep them in while we are doing other parts of the shoot. Also bring anything you may need to clean up after them.


Advanced tips: When choosing clothing color in addition to above remember that bright colors such as lime and mango can look great in print as long as it goes with your skin tone. Earth tones are also a good choice. Bring one bright and one earth tone if possible.

Where will the session be?

Wherever you are comfortable! I do all on location photography which means that instead of being confined to a studio we can shoot in your home, your favorite park, wherever you like. This style of photography is gaining in popularity due to less stress on the subject since you do not have to take your children or pets anywhere unfamiliar. This ensures that they are at their best.

What if I am not photogenic?

Photogenic can be defined many ways. Webster says: "Attractive as a subject for photography."

When I work I try to make everyone appear as attractive as possible. For me this means that no-one is "not photogenic". For someone who get nervous in front of a camera this may mean they normally will not look their best when photographed. I will take the time to help you relax and get the best possible image for you.

How many photos will I have to choose from?

This depends on the actual length of your session and the type of session. Usually you can count on 20-30 images from a typical session lasting about an hour.

How long does a session last?

About an hour. Some may be only 45 or 50 minutes, while other may take an hour and 30 minutes. Make sure that you allow enough time for your session.

How can I make my child smile?

Don't. Let them be themselves. Their true personality will show through. I will work with them as well to try and get them at their best.

Can we meet before the session?

Absolutely! While I do not currently require meeting in advance I think it is great for children, pets, and even adults to get to know their photographer before we actually get shooting.

After Your Session:

How do I view my images?

A few days after your session I will email you with a link to my albums login, and a passcode just for you. You may share your passcode with any of your friends or family that you wish to, however remember that anyone who has your passcode can order items from your album. Your album will be available for 7-21 days (depending on your package) after I email you your passcode.

How do I order?

Inside of your album if you click on an image you like it will take you to a screen with only that image. From there you can order prints and other products. If you would like a product that you do not see listed please contact me and I will see if I can get it.

You may also request an in person viewing of your proofs at any time.

What can I order?

I offer a wide selection of regular print sizes, postcards, folding cards, buttons and other novelty items, gallery wraps, and silver and tile jewelry. If you do not see something you would like to order, just ask and I will see if I can get it for you. Please see my products/services page for more.

What is a Gallery Wrap?

A gallery wrap is when the image is printed on art canvas and stretched on a 1.5" deep frame just like a painters canvas. The image goes around the sides of the frame. It comes ready to hang on your wall, no additional framing or glass is required.

Can I get black and white or sepia, what about 'selective color'?

Of course! I do not charge an additional fee for simple colorization such as black and white or sepia. In your album there is a sample preview of the computers interpretation of what a black and white or sepia image will look like. When I convert it the image will look better due to the artistic nature of such a conversion that can only be done correctly by a human. I also love to do 'selective color' images where most of the image is in black and white with one part (for example the eyes, or a flower) are in color. Sometimes due to the complexity of the selective color process it may include an additional charge.

Can I copy the photos from my album?

No. However you may order prints and other items with the images on them. You may also order a web and avatar sized and optimized version of any image in your album.

an example of an avatar sized image.



Do you do weddings?

No. I specialize in children and pets. You should contact someone who specializes in wedding photography.